Digital Academi partners and engages with businesses to enhance the education & learning of our students. Our main engagement with businesses is in form of Internships, Scholarships, Consulting, Coaching /Upskilling, and Learning Content.

We work with a range of companies: large and small, for-profit and not- for profit, domestic and overseas. This enables our students with opportunities to learn from, work on, and solve problems for, a diverse set of businesses and challenges.

Digital Academi has devised a charter that provides guidance to all our business partners regarding the terms of our association.  

The following opportunities for partnerships exist within our purview:


All our students undergo compulsory internships as part of their curriculum. Based on the course, a student works on digital marketing projects of a business partner, for anywhere between 4-12 hours per week.

·         Opportunities exist for businesses to offer both paid and unpaid Internships for our students.

·         Businesses are required to provide relevant project work and learning opportunities for our students and follow our guidelines on Fair Work and Learning Practices.



 At Digital Academi we use ‘Scholarships’ both as a ‘Reward’ and an ‘Affirmative Action’ tool.  Businesses and Individuals can provide scholarships for our students in form of:

·         Education Fee Waivers and Discount

·         Payment towards an unpaid-Internship

·         Free Software and Tools



Businesses and Individuals can engage with our faculty or students for paid -work projects. You may also contact us for our evaluation or recommendation of other external resources for your work.



Our deep-seated industry experience, across domains and verticals, allows us to provide you with a range of digital marketing education programs to meet your specific needs.

You may contact us if:

·         You want to provide Digital Marketing education for a group of your employees or enroll some of your employees in one of our existing courses.

·         You are looking for a custom training program.


Learning Content

Digital Academi partners with Individuals and Businesses that bring new insights and learnings for our students. Our engagements (paid or otherwise), while not limited to, can be of the following nature:

·         Research

·         Speaking engagements

·         Product showcase and demo

·         Interviews

·         Whitepapers and Case Studies