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Start your learning with a program designed specially for You: to build the skills, knowledge & experience You require to get that job & perform.

Custom Programs based on your Learning Objectives

Not a "one size fits all" solution

For Business

You want to be able to understand how to leverage Digital Marketing to grow your business. You want to learn about the larger impact of digital transformation that will be brought about as a result of your new investment in the practice.

A program that caters to your learning needs.

  • 24 hrs program across 4 weeks
  • Review Essential Digital Tools and Processes
  • Identifying & Evaluating Opportunity
  • Measuring Digital Marketing Performance
  • Optimizing Digital Landscape

Easy paced with 12 classes spread across 4-weeks.

For Students

You not only want to understand the concepts but also be able to learn and use the tools which will enable you to create, measure, optimize and report on your campaigns across all your Digital Marketing initiatives.

An immersive program that builds your expertise from the ground up. We run 2 programs targeted towards two different segments: those who are from a Marketing/Communication background but new to Digital Marketing and looking for upskilling to get into a Digital Marketing job or those who are absolute beginners or want a completely immersive digital experience of not only learning but also hands-on.

  • Hands-on immersive learning
  • 102 hrs instructor-led/online learning across 17 weeks
  • Getting trained on tools
  • Content Management Systems
  • Customer Relationship Management System
  • Design and Video Basics
  • Content Marketing
  • Google Search Marketing and Facebook Advertising
  • Google Analytics

Choose from a 4-month part-time Get Going Digital Program or 10-month part-time Digital Immersion program

For Students

What do you get from us?

24X7 Assistance

We are in this together. We provide ongoing assistance via email and chat for all our students.

Live classes + On-demand

Virtual classroom environment with live lectures by subject matter experts and additional availability of on-demand videos.

Gain Work Experience

Build credentials and work experience with hands-on learning and Internships.

Land your Dream job

Get hired with your newly acquired skills, learnings & experience.

“Great way to start learning Digital Marketing, understanding the current broader market perspective before narrowing down to the specifics. I am confident that this will allow students to quickly learn and develop the basics and apply them to whatever they eventually choose to do. The growth of tech has definitely made it imperative to understand its pervasiveness throughout today's Digital Marketing activities.”

Karunesh Bajaj

Head of Marketing and Exports, ITD, ITC Limited

“What a good way to learn and get job-ready! Takes me back to my starting out days and how my training at Beyond Interactive helped me to quickly grasp the new subject and take reins of a new department. Grasping the basics that leads to learning the tools that integrate marketing with technology and data, sounds like a perfect solution for our dynamic world. The perfect way for compact and useful learning – for both students as well as those running their own show.“

Vardaan Vasisht

Co-Founder, HookLogic Inc